Dr. Lucas Shapiro is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his post-doctoral orthodontic training at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He currently practices orthodontics at Lemchen Salzer Ortho in NYC.

He started the Instagram page @futuredentists, works with the educational organization @ignitedds and has an orthodontic TikTok page @drshap.

valentine's day gifts for dentists

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Dental Professional

By: Lucas Shapiro Tired of giving the same old gift or chocolate and flowers to the people…

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malpractice insurance

How Much Should You Pay For Malpractice Insurance?

By: Dr. Luke Shapiro I just got off the phone with my insurance sales rep and they…

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malpractice insurance

How Much Should You Pay For Malpractice Insurance?

By lucas.shapiro | May 12, 2022

By: Dr. Luke Shapiro I just got off the phone with my insurance sales rep and they informed me that it would now cost me almost $11,000 to have malpractice insurance in New York City! What?! I thought I misunderstood. Is it even legal to increase malpractice by this much? Turns out it is. They…

mentorship as a dentist

Dental Mentorship: Benefits + How to Find One

By Savanah Craig | May 12, 2022

By: Savanah Craig If you attend enough ASDA events, you’ll hear about the importance of finding a mentor to help support you on your journey towards a career in dentistry. However, there isn’t much explanation about how to find a mentor or why it’s so important. How to Find a Dentist Mentor Here are steps…

build your reputation as a new dentist

How to build your brand and reputation as a new dentist

By Jennifer Murphy | May 7, 2022

By: Jennifer Murphy Everyone wants to be liked and we all want to be thought of in a positive light, especially when it comes to us as dentists and our dental practices. How does a dental school graduate entering into a whole new world develop that? How can a new and/or young dentist build a…

dentist joining a DSO or OSO

DSO or OSO: What Every Dentist Should Know

By Bruce Bryen | May 4, 2022

By: Bruce Bryen Once out of dental school, you begin looking at various choices regarding how to approach the job market. Knowing which decision to make may develop into a lifelong process, especially if the idea is to be an owner/operator of a solo or partnership practice. The reason for this statement is that DSOs…

personal issues affecting your dental job

Personal affairs curtailing the potential of the associate

By Bruce Bryen | April 27, 2022

By: Bruce Bryen Like much of the general population, dental school graduates also face challenges while ascending to more lucrative and clinically challenging positions in professional dentistry.  One major problem with personal growth in this field is the toll it takes on the home life of the dentist. The stress of the job does not…

when to quit being a dental associate

How to Resign From A Dental Office

By Jennifer Murphy | April 27, 2022

By: Jennifer Murphy, DDS, FAGD You’ve been working at an office for a while now and things are just not working out the way you imagined or were promised. What do you do now? First, let’s acknowledge this is never an easy position to be in. There is also no right or wrong answer, but…

dental leadership

4 Promises of Leadership Development That Will Transform Your Dental Career

By Edwin McDonald | April 23, 2022

By: Dr. Edwin “Mac” McDonald The development of leadership competencies is about developing yourself. As you look outward with the desire to influence and inspire, consider what you would gain from looking inward instead. Becoming a great leader is about your own capacity for change, as hard as change can be. In the dental practice,…

save money for a dental practice

How can dental students save for their own practice?

By Ava Guzman | April 19, 2022

By: Ava Guzman After graduation, dentistry students might immediately want to start working in order to get a return on their educational investment and earn a living. However, between student loans and the money needed to open up a clinic, the costs are steep. Saving Money for Your Dental Practice The American Dental Association (ADA)…

aligning your purpose with your career

Fall Forward

By Mohammed Hammoud | April 13, 2022

By: Mohammed Hammoud   There is only one way to know if your purpose aligns with your career, and that is to pursue it. I often pondered beforehand if I was making the right decision in pursuing dentistry. I shadowed hundreds of hours and volunteered my time to be positive I was making the right…

sooth anxious dental patients

How to calm patients with dental anxiety

By Jamie Finch | April 11, 2022

By: Jamie Finch If a patient is feeling too anxious before a procedure, it can make the dentist’s job much harder. While it’s important that you calm patients with dental anxiety as much as possible, doing so can be easier said than done. However, there are effective methods of soothing patients that you can easily…