Our Goal Is Simple... We Build Better Dentists

Our Mission and Philosophy

Ignite DDS exists to educate, encourage, and empower both dental students and practicing dentists. We have created a platform where dentists, at any stage in their profession, can come to fuel their dental career through our online academy, continuing education courses, study club, Fast-Trak, and mentorships. Our extensive network of resources makes us the one-stop shop for all your dental professional needs.

We build better dentists.

Why IgniteDDS?  When you dreamed of going to dental school, did you dream of working for someone else?  Punching in and out.  Taking your allotted time off and vacation.  Answering to a boss.  Is that really what you wanted?

Do you want something better? 

Do you want to take control of your future?

We are a movement of dental students, young dentists, and tenured dentists with a united goal of controlling our own destiny and building the practices we always dreamed of.

So many things differentiate IgniteDDS from other dental organizations.

We are not a profit-focused business.

We are innovators, forward thinkers, and visionaries.

We want to improve dentistry and forge an easier path to ownership for our colleagues.

Together we succeed.  Together we overcome.  Together we rise.