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Course 1: So You Want to Be A Practice Owner? - The First Step To Success

Do you have enough money and experience to buy a practice? Find out using our winning formula for predicting readiness and kickstart your journey to becoming a practice owner!

Course 2: Associate Contracts Dos Don'ts and How to Get Out Of Them

Learn the ins and outs of associate contracts, discover common pitfalls to avoid, and understand how to navigate your way out of unfavorable agreements. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to secure a contract that aligns with your career goals.

Course 3: Build it or Buy It?

Before you decide to build or buy a practice you have to ask yourself important questions. How does your student loan debt play into the decision? How do the decisions you have already made in your personal life impact this professional life decision? Learn the pros and cons to make the right decision for YOU.

Course 4: If you Build It, They Will Come

Discover the TEN essential steps involved in the startup process:
1) Site selection
2) Securing the big $$$
3) Branding
4) Staffing
5-10... sign up to FIND OUT

Course 5: How to Find a Practice to Purchase

We will show you the same formula used by hundreds of other doctors before that has proven to help find the best practice for your needs, not the practice broker's agenda. We will show you with our time tested PROVEN strategy how to find which practices will allow you to generate the most profit and be an EASY transition.

Course 6: 10 Step Buyer Process from Start to Finish

Forget boring financial discussions and law documents. This course will focus on the things practice brokers would hate for you to find out so that you can crush the negotiation and eliminate the feeling of getting taken advantage of.

Course 7: Essential Systems to Focus On Once Your Practice Doors Open

How do you make the practice you purchased actually go in the direction YOU want? Learn the systems you need to graduate from clinician to CEO of your dream practice.

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Paul Vigario

Keynote Speaker

Founder & CEO of SurfCT: Paul Vigario,  a pioneer and trailblazer of the ever-evolving technology, and design within the dental and healthcare industry, he established SurfCT from the ground up in 2003 after graduating from the University of Connecticut, earning a bachelor’s degree in Management/Computer Information Systems with a focus on healthcare technology.

Paul Vigario has over two decades of experience with having worked with more than 12,000 practices worldwide. Vigario has transformed himself into an expert that wields complete knowledge on how a dental practice should look, function and operate in the new decade of 2020.

Vigario has worked with and helped some of the biggest brands in healthcare and well-known dental companies from all over the world elevate to global success. SurfCT takes a holistic approach when partnering with their clients; they seek to create a complete technology office design where Everything is Connected®️

Course 8: The Effective Transition Method

Seamlessly shift into dental practice ownership with our proven transition strategies. Unlock a smooth and successful journey to owning your practice.

Course 9: HR Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Say goodbye to HR headaches. Learn how to build a cohesive team and navigate employee conflicts effortlessly.

Course 10: Your Daily Morning Huddle

Transform your practice's productivity with a powerful morning huddle. Start your day right and set the stage for success.

Course 11: Marketing… Does it Really Work?

Uncover the truth behind effective dental marketing. Discover strategies that attract new patients and boost practice growth.

Course 12: Know Your Numbers - Daily, Monthly, Yearly Metrics

Master the financial pulse of your practice. Learn to track and optimize key metrics for long-term success.

Course 13: More Bang For Your Buck

Unlock the full potential of your resources with top notch financial guidance. Maximize your profitability and minimize tax liabilities with guidance from a dental CPA.

Jonathan Miller Headshot (1)

Jonathan Miller

Mentor and Coach

Jonathan spent almost 10 years with one of the largest dental specific lenders in the country. His focus was helping dentists evaluate their first practice purchase, or through help with obtaining the right project financing for a scratch start up. During that time he helped open over 200 new “De Novo” dental offices, and performed as a project manager and financial analyst for first time practice buyers. In total he has helped close to a thousand doctors all over the country find their first practice to purchase or start their first practice. As a result of his reputation and relationships he was invited to speak year after year to some of the top dental schools in the country like UCLA, Loma Linda, Western University as well as University of Pennsylvania and Temple.

It was his passion for first time owners that led Jonathan to leave corporate banking and follow his passion to help those to seek accurate information instead of affirmation. Since 2016 he has helped close to sixty first-time owners buy or start their optimal practice. As an advocate Jonathan can show doctors the path towards practice ownership, while minimizing their risk and taking away the fear of the unknown. With the help of his relationships in the industry, he can show doctors how to grow their practice and build their brand while maximizing their return on investment.