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Advancements in dentistry and dental technology benefit us all. And, for decades, in close cooperation with our customers, DMG has been actively involved in shaping this process. We strive to provide optimized solutions and validated workflows that make daily life easier and more efficient for dental practices and laboratories.

Investing in the future of dentistry

We're passionate about research and development and dedicated to developing the exciting areas of digitization, modern restorative treatments, prevention, and early intervention.

Proven and trusted quality

All of our products have been produced, rigorously controlled, and certified with care, resulting in premium products you can rely on.

We look forward to shaping the future of dentistry, together.

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A smile ahead, together.

The Ecosite Family

For every indication, for every technique: the Ecosite family offers everything you need:

New! Ecosite Elements: A modern, compact composite system with excellent posterior and anterior esthetics

New! Ecosite One: A one-shade composite with long-term color stability for posterior fillings up to 3mm at once

Ecosite Bulk Fill: A 5mm bulk fill material for one-step posterior fillings

Ecosite Bond: A universal, light-cure, one-bottle adhesive with total freedom

Luxatemp Ultra

Rated #1 in flexural strength

    • Industry leader in flexural strength - a true measure of provisional stability and durability
    • Unsurpassed break resistance
    • Fast curing, easy cutting and handling
    • Fluorescence added for outstanding esthetics and temporaries that appear more like natural teeth
    • Superior stability and durability
    • Perfect clinician control


Icon Caries Infiltrant

The revolutionary treatment for early white spots and proximal caries

    • Esthetic results on smooth surfaces
    • Arrests caries at an early stage
    • Preserves healthy tooth structure, while limiting the loss of unnecessary tooth structure
    • Micro-invasive technology, no anesthesia or drilling
    • •One quick patient visit

LuxaCore Z Dual

The core material that does more with less

    • 12-time Dental Advisor award-winner
    • Cuts and bends remarkably like dentin
    • High compressive and flexural strength for enhanced stability
    • Patented nanotechnology prevents particle agglomeration
    • Optimal flow and handling
    • Ideal film thickness of precision cement
    • Perfect properties, even when used as a single-step post cement

TempoCem ID

It stands out by blending in

    • Invisible under restorations, yet detectable for excess removal
    • Beautiful esthetics thanks to optimal transparency
    • Easy one-piece removal of excess
    • Optimal adhesion with easy removability
    • Eugenol-free formulation
    • Excellent ease of use; no sticking to instruments
    • Flows and mixes easily for ideal handling

Honigum Pro

Your complete VPS impression material system

    • Extraordinary stability and flowability
    • Precise detail
    • Extreme hydrophilicity
    • Convenient working time with DMG’s rapid
      “snap-set” technology
    • Maximum tear strength
    • Dynamic viscosity when placed under pressure
    • Well suited for implant impressions

Kolorz ClearShield Varnish

Kolorz ClearShield 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish, with Xylitol, is the great-tasting varnish that’s clump-free, goes on clear, and dries clear for no embarrassing yellow discoloration on teeth. The gluten-free, allergy-friendly formula comes in hygienically sealed single-doses that help make application and cleanup a breeze. Plus, our chef-created flavors are guaranteed to taste great, or your money back.

    • Dries clear
    • Contains Xylitol
    • High fluoride uptake (22,600 ppm)
    • Clump free consistency
    • Gluten, dairy, and nut free
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • 5 great flavors: watermelon, bubblegum, mint, cookie dough and caramel
    • Easy to use single-does units

Explore the 3D printing portfolio, DMG DentaMile, that enables a more simplified, validated digital workflow. Whether you're scanning, designing, networking or printing with DMG DentaMile, our components seamlessly interconnect for easier 3D manufacturing. Featuring advanced 3D technology, and resin materials exclusively from DMG, our integrated solution includes: cloud-based DentaMile connect guided software, the DLP printers, post-processing units, and a suite of LuxaPrint resins.  Our comprehensive line of software, hardware, and resin materials provide:

Validated, on-demand fabrication

    • Connectivity to labs, and designers
    • Fast print speeds
    • Unprecedented quality
    • Increased production
    • Reproducible precision
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Predictable outcomes
    • Guaranteed regulatory compliance

DentaMile’s digital workflows are easy, precise, and deliver exceptional results. From start to finish, our automation streamlines the process for you while reducing labor and material costs, delivering precise fitting appliances, and better clinical results and patient experience.

The simpler way to 3D printing starts with our digital solution, DMG DentaMile, 3D printing, your way!

DentaMile connect

The cloud-based software that's breaking technical barriers

Say goodbye to a multitude of individual digital solutions. With the integrated digital workflow approach of DentaMile connect, software, hardware, and materials interconnect perfectly, making designing and 3D fabrication easier, faster, and safer than ever.

3Demax, 3Dewash, 3Decure

Maximum reliability, minimal footprint

Designed with you in mind, our system enables a more simplified, validated digital workflow. It includes the 3Demax, a compact, high-precision, high-speed DLP 3D printer with “Force Feedback” technology, 3Dewash and 3Decure, integrated post-processing units with convenient pre-set programs.

DentaMile Desk MC system

Embrace digital dentistry effortlessly

The new DMG DentaMile Desk MC system offers everything you need to start 3D printing in a compact format: the 3D printer, and cleaning and curing units that easily fit anywhere. Plug and Play technology means you can get started straight away. Best of all, the complete system guarantees a validated manufacturing process.


LuxaPrint materials are high-quality, light-cured resins for use with digital light processing printers that work at a wavelength of 385nm. Each resin combines fast printing with outstanding accuracy for all your 3D printing needs. Print precise mouthguards, nightguards, bleaching trays, models, and more with LuxaPrint, the perfect system companion.

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