Dentistry Unmasked is a roundtable podcast with your hosts, Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz and Dr. David Rice. Join us as we bring notable guest contributors from all parts of dentistry every week. We discuss the topics that every business owner wants to know, including practice management, discussions for students and new grads, new and existing technologies and products, and hot-button issues circulating in our dental forums.

podcast Dental Fuel

Dental Fuel is the podcast that shares the raw truth on the real journey of dentistry, straight from the mouths of those who've lived it. Here, we dive deep into the 'middle' - the rarely talked about challenges and mistakes that shape a dentist's path to success. From clinical slip-ups to financial missteps and teamwork trials, our seasoned guests lay it all bare, offering you the pearls of wisdom needed to navigate your own dental journey.

Beyond Graduation

Beyond Graduation brings you real conversations about what life is like outside of the four walls of dental school! Join doctors Savanah Craig and Ronnetta Sartor as they navigate the early years of their careers. The Beyond Graduation podcast invites you to pull up a chair as they share their journeys and remind listeners that no one has it all figured out! There is a reason it's called practicing dentistry!

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