apply to dental school

You Want to Apply to Dental School, Now What?

September 25, 2023

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson Hi! I’m Dr. Bri Torgerson and this month, I wanted to touch base with those applying to dental school. My background in applying to dental schools is that I applied three times to dental school. Now, I ended up getting in on my second application cycle 10 days before orientation, but…

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strength train to prevent pain as a dentists

Is Strength Training the Key to Your Dental Career Longevity?

September 5, 2023

By: Savannah Craig One of the many things associated with a career in dentistry is back and neck pain. Finding ways to protect yourself is crucial to being able to have a long career. Since dental school, I’ve been trying to find solutions for managing and preventing back pain. I’ve tried stretching, massage therapy, and…

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tips for finding a dental associate position

Tips When Looking for a Dental Associate Position

August 15, 2023

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson Navigating associate positions can be intimidating. If you’re like me, you can be confused and lost in the vastness of contracts and office nuances that exist for Associate Dentists. I’m excited to walk you through everything I have come across in the many offices I have worked in. I’ll expand on some…

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as a dentist should you change your name when you get married

DDS or MRS: Changing Your Name When You Get Married

August 8, 2023

By: Savannah Craig There are seemingly one million different questions to answer and decisions to be made while planning a wedding. You have to make a decision on everything from what types of flowers you want, to who will be invited. As a dentist, doctor, or someone who holds a professional license or publication you…

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From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Conquer the Challenges of Buying + Owning a Dental Practice

August 1, 2023

With the Dental Business Mastermind Course:Learn How to Conquer the Challenges of Buying + Owning a Dental Practice By: Dr. David Rice Are you a young dentist looking to take the leap from being an associate to becoming a successful practice owner? Buying a practice is tough. It takes most new dentists months simply to…

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what is flouride varnish

Is Fluoride Varnish Enough?

July 25, 2023

Discover the Benefits of Fluoride Varnish:A Powerful Dental Treatment for Stronger Teeth & Enhanced Oral Health By: Candy Velez – CRDH, BSDH As a clinical dental hygienist with a decade of experience, I have rarely heard patients ask the question, “Is Fluoride Varnish enough to protect my teeth?” Instead, patients often ask questions like: In…

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dental flippers

Dental Flippers: The Young Dentist’s Guide

July 24, 2023

Exploring Innovative Alternatives to Dental Flippers for Optimal Patient Smiles! By: Dr. David Rice Trauma, emergency extraction(s) due to pain or infection, future dental implant, or simply missing a tooth, patients present in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons. Dentistry has a variety of ways to fill the gap. Once upon a…

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dental fuel

Dental Fuel Episode 7: Team Mistake with Dr. Emma Guzman-Vizcarrondo

July 14, 2023

Growing your team can be challenging as a new dentist. On Dental Fuel Episode 7, Dr. Emma Guzman shares her experience in making a mistake when working in a team and how it shaped her growth! Dr. Emma Guzman is a General and Cosmetic Dentist, practicing in New York City. She completed her Doctor of…

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Lithium Disilicate vs Zirconia

Crown Wars: Lithium Disilicate vs Zirconia

July 11, 2023

By: Dr. David Rice Lithium Disilicate vs Zirconia? When it comes to selecting the best material for your patient’s crown, you have options. The question is, which option is best, when, and why. Lithium Disilicate: Advantages 👍 Strength At 550 MPa and excellent fracture toughness, Lithium Disilicate weighs in well. Although I prefer to bond…

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dental school graduate

Dental School Graduate: Now What!?

July 10, 2023

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson So, you’ve just graduated from dental school, now what? First, of all, congratulations, you have done it; you’ve graduated dental school or maybe you’ve graduated and you have your final clinical boards to pass. Regardless, you did it, which is a feat in and of itself! Taking Your Final Clinical Boards…

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