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Legal Case: Brain Abscess from Alleged Failure to Treat Periodontal Disease

Facts: A 47-year-old woman who worked as a high-end professional photographer – mostly doing weddings and other large parties – treated for decades with her general dentist. The only ongoing issue she had was periodontal disease, which initially manifested with generalized 4-6 mm pockets, and later progressed to deeper pockets with moderate generalized vertical bone loss. Approximately 4 years before the subject incident, the dentist referred the very compliant patient to a periodontist to further reinforce her good habits and great dentition.

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Dentist Relies on Assistant’s Assessment and Improper Treatment Results

A challenge in any healthcare setting is maintaining a healthy patient load for a profitable practice, but not becoming too busy that it could possibly compromise quality patient care. This case shows how – even with the best of intentions – a dentist can fail to meet the standard of care when the schedule does not allow adequate time to assess and treat the patient.

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Improper Preparation of Handpiece Results in Separation of Drill and Injury to Patient

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Unexpected, negative events do happen in healthcare, including dentistry. However, as this edition of Malpractice Minute illustrates, when proper treatment protocols are in place and followed, the likelihood of Murphy’s Law occurring is significantly reduced. Further, when the unexpected does occur, using proper preparations (particularly in the form of protocols) to manage such situations greatly increases the chances of a favorable outcome for the patient.

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