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Patterson’s history of serving dental professionals dates back to our company’s founding in 1877. Since then, Patterson has grown to meet the needs of private practices and large group dental networks through more than 70 branch offices in the United States and Canada. As one of North America’s largest providers of dental products and solutions, Patterson Dental offers more than 100,000 products and a wide range of innovative equipment, software, technology solutions and services. The high demand for dentistry and rapidly advancing technology are the hallmarks of growth in the dental segment.

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What are best practices for end of year (EOY) processing with Eaglesoft?

By Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd, FADIA, FAADH

Technology Advisor II, Patterson Dental

Q. What are best practices for end of year (EOY) processing with Eaglesoft?

A. End of year processing can vex the hardiest of Eaglesoft users. There is much to be accomplished within a short time frame. However, with a plan, a smooth transition to 2022 can be accomplished. To that purpose, Patterson offers a video to review EOY process. In the event you want to get a head start on your processes, here are a few tips.

Prior to starting the actual EOY process, remember the EOD and EOM (end of month) processing must be completed.

Before processing EOY, make sure the file/preference setting for SmartDoc is set so that your EOM and EOY reports will be saved to the practice SmartDoc. Additionally, test the SmartDoc printer and set to Null (see FAQ #2014 SmartDoc Preferences and FAQ #19560 SmartDoc Printer Setup and Troubleshooting).

With the many changes that have occurred the past year with team members, there may be some who are no longer part of the practice. Inactivating providers/staff at the end of the year will remove them from reporting. It is advisable to remove inactive team members before processing EOY. However, in order to inactivate a provider (hygienist or dentist), one must have exclusive use of the system. To learn about exclusive use, review FAQ #5107 and for inactivating providers FAQ #260 will offer details on how to accomplish the inactivation.

In addition to inactivating providers, it is recommended to clean up expired custom hours for both past and present employees. Doing so will provide accurate OnSchedule goals for the new year as well as updating chair schedule hours. Here is the link to a video demonstrating the way to clean up individual custom hours.

If the practice is using fee schedules, insurance fee schedules take effect usually on January 1 each year. To ensure that the practice is using the most up-to-date insurance fee schedule so that insurance payments will be accurate, update the in-network fee schedule prior to January 1. Also, many offices consider updating their practice fees at year-end as well. See FAQ #10986 to update practice fees and FAQ #12470 reviews using fee schedules. As a reminder, any time the practice updates the practice fees, it is recommended to send the new practice fees to in-network insurance companies for evaluation and a possible reimbursement increase. If the practice utilizes coverage books, the coverage book can be updated during the insurance payment process. See FAQ #75 to learn about updating coverage books during insurance payments.

The American Dental Association updates the CDT codes every year. Dental codes are added or deleted and Eaglesoft can be updated to add the appropriate new codes. Eaglesoft has a utility that will add new codes, but will not inactivate any codes that the ADA has deleted. It would be the practice’s responsibility to inactivate the deleted codes. Before determining whether to run the CDT utility in Eaglesoft, review the updated CDT code listing with the ADA. If not all of the new codes will be utilized in the practice, it may be best to update the codes manually rather than running the utility. Contact the Patterson Technology Center to learn more about the CDT utility.

EOY reporting is vital to the success of the practice. Default reports are:

  • Coverage production
  • Provider productivity
  • Production by account
  • Referral productivity – yearly summary
  • Service codes productivity master
  • Service type productivity - general
  • Service type productivity – detailed

All of the default reports whether selected to print or not will be placed into the practice’s SmartDoc. Any other reports the practice would like to run at EOY must be manually selected. Once EOY is processed, all reports set back to zero. Review FAQ #39956 for information on running EOY reports and any additional reports that are suggested.

There is a lot to EOY processing, but the Patterson Technology Center and your local Software Technology Advisor are available to assist and guide you through the process. Here’s to a great start to the new year!

What are ways a practice can engage with patients and improve insurance efficiency within Eaglesoft?

By Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd, FADIA, FAADH

Technology Advisor II, Patterson Dental

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Q. What are ways a practice can engage with patients and improve insurance efficiency within Eaglesoft?

A. Communicating with patients in a variety of ways is an important step in reducing failed or no-show appointments and cancellations, as well as keeping both the restorative and hygiene schedules filled. It has been estimated that 40-60% of the restorative schedule comes from the hygiene schedule. If neither are booked, or booked and then have a high number of cancellations or failures, both the practice and patients suffer. Patients want to be engaged by their dental teams in a variety of manners. Today’s dental patients are technology-savvy and want to be engaged with technology. Text messaging, email reminders, online scheduling, and bill pay are areas that patients are looking for from their dental practices. Patterson and Eaglesoft have a number of options for practices to engage their patients in the perfect solution. Many team members are not even aware of the options that are available to engage patients while helping the practice flourish.

Eaglesoft’s eReminders are a simple way to reduce the amount of time team members spend making reminder phone calls to patients. This convenient service uses outbound messaging through phone calls, emails, and/or text messages to remind patients about upcoming appointments. It provides a bridge for those practices that want to try using electronic reminder systems but are not yet ready to make the leap into more sophisticated services.

Patterson offers a number of patient engagement options and collaborates with several vendors, including RevenueWell, SolutionReach, and OperaDDS to offer a practice a variety of possibilities that suits its unique needs. Whether RevenueWell, SolutionReach, or OperaDDS each may include online scheduling, telehealth, two-way texting, online forms that write back into Eaglesoft, online bill payments, marketing campaigns, secure email or chats, caller ID, or phone and online reviews. Depending on a practice’s needs, a vendor option can provide patients with engagement solutions that works best for them. Whichever vendor or solution is selected, the Patterson Technology Center (PTC) is the one-stop call for any Eaglesoft or vendor question, thus saving the practice time and money without having to make multiple calls or contacts.

Patient education is the hallmark of high patient case acceptance. Gone are the days of handing a patient a flyer and expecting him or her to schedule their treatment. Patients want information about their dental health or disease using technology … and they want it in a way that they can understand and inform significant others. Dental care is expensive and understanding the value of treatment is important. Using CAESY Cloud, the practice and patients have access to more than 280 multimedia patient education presentations that include 3D animations and videos. CAESY Cloud works seamlessly
with Eaglesoft and can be used for multiple patients on a variety of devices.

To improve overall practice insurance efficiency, Patterson’s insurance suite provides eClaims, eAttachments, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), and Real Time Eligibility (RTE), all for a single monthly fee. No more separate service fees and all are integrated directly into Eaglesoft without an Eaglesoft version upgrading concern. eStatements can also be added to send patients billing statements electronically so that the practice’s revenue cycle is seamless and paperless. Eaglesoft Card Payments can be incorporated to eliminate double payment entries, manual errors, and reduce reconciliation times by directly posting credit card payments into the patient’s Eaglesoft account.

With the increased awareness and state regulations regarding the opioid epidemic, Patterson offers ePrescriptions. eRx provides information on formulary-based drug coverage, enhances renewing of medications, and complies with EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances). Each year approximately 1.5 million patients are injured by preventable medication errors and dentists using ePrescriptions use a standard electronic format that protects dentists and practices.

For more information about any patient engagement options or the insurance suite, contact your local Patterson software technology advisor or


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What is the best way to engage patients in Fuse?

By Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd, FADIA, FAADH

Technology Advisor II, Patterson Dental

Q. What is the best way to engage patients in Fuse?

A. Patient engagement is critical in today’s digital world. Calling patients to confirm appointments takes time and removes team members from a variety of essential practice duties. For example, RevenueWell offers a whole suite of products that a practice can utilize to improve communication with patients and engage them in the practice. RevenueWell offers Fuse practices a variety of options. From text or email confirmations to marketing campaigns, there are numerous options that suit a practice’s needs. Yet, there are some practices that feel the additional investment in RevenueWell may not be what they need.

For practices that feel RevenueWell may not be for them, Patterson offers Fuse Engagement, which provides the ability to send electronic reminders and recalls and receive electronic confirmations directly within Fuse. Fuse Engagement is included in the monthly Fuse support fee at no additional charge! With Fuse Engagement, team members can automate, schedule, and send email, text or voice message appointment or recall reminders from within Fuse. Appointment statuses are automatically updated with electronic confirmations. Team members can track and manage patients that have planned or confirmed messages right from the Fuse Engagement area. Fuse Engagement can help maintain a full schedule and reduce no-show appointments. However, it is recommended that Fuse Engagement not be used with any other patient engagement solution including RevenueWell, Weave, or SolutionReach. If the practice uses an online form, two-way text, newsletters, or email campaigns product, it is advised to continue to use that and not utilize Fuse Engagement. Fuse Engagement provides a simple built-in solution for reminding patients that they are scheduled for care or that they need to schedule.

Once Fuse engagement has been installed, an icon will appear on the left-hand side of the Fuse screen along with other icons such as patients and schedule. A reminder message can be created for patients with appointments and those without a scheduled preventative appointment but are due. The practice can determine which patient groups will receive a message. A patient can receive up to four messages that can be either voice, text, email, or any combination. The system allows the practice to determine how many hours, days, weeks, or months in advance of the appointment or due date to send the selected message. There are pre-populated messages, but any message can be customized to suit a practice’s needs. Once the message is created, the office can preview and, when finalized, the message is live to go to patients. There are also several available reports that can be generated including the patient history of messages and how a particular message is performing. All of these assist the practice in optimizing contact with patients.

For most Fuse practices, RevenueWell is the complete solution, while Fuse Engagement offers a simple approach to a time-consuming process. To learn more about Fuse Engagement, contact your local Software Technology Advisor or the Patterson Technology Center Fuse line at (800) 294-8504.


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