Dental Assistant Requirements in Montana


Are you looking to become a dental assistant or are moving as a current dental assistant? Make sure to check the dental assistant requirements in Montana to see if you are still qualified in the state to practice.

Each state has different requirements for dental assistants, here are the levels, and functions permitted for dental assistants in MT.

Levels of Dental Assistants in Montana

There are two levels of dental assistants in MO:

  1. Dental Auxiliary
  2. DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)

1. Dental Auxiliary

A dental auxiliary in Montana may perform basic supportive dental procedures specified by the state dental practice act under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. To qualify, one must:

  • Graduate from a CODA-accredited dental assisting programOR
  • Receive instruction and training by a licensed dentist, OR
  • Receive instruction and training in a Montana Board-approved continuing education course.

2. DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)

To perform duties under the general supervision of a licensed dentist, a dental auxiliary must:

  • Hold DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification

Visit the Montana Board of Dentistry for more information.

Montana Radiography Requirements

To legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiographic procedures in Montana, a dental assistant or dental auxiliary in the state of Montana must:

  • Successfully complete the national DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam. After successful completion of the RHS exam, DANB will issue the assistant a DANB RHS certificate of knowledge-based competence. Dental assistants are not legally allowed to expose radiographs in Montana until they receive a certificate from DANB, OR
  • Graduate from a CODA-accredited dental assisting program, OR
  • Be certified in dental radiography as a result of military experience.

To expose radiographs under the general supervision of a licensed dentist, a dental auxiliary must hold DANB’s CDA certification.

Note: Effective Jan. 1, 2016, radiology certification from other states will no longer be accepted, with the exception of a board-approved written examination. Dental auxiliaries who acquired radiology certification in other states and were employed as dental auxiliaries in Montana prior to Jan. 1, 2016, will be grandfathered.

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Natalie Kaweckyj

Natalie Kaweckyj

Natalie Kaweckyj, BA, LDA, CDA, RF, CDPMA, COA, COMSA, CPFDA, CRFDA, MADAA, is a senior moderator of the Dental Peeps Network and a past president of the ADAA.