Innovative Dental Technology Increases Efficiency & Production

By: Michael T. Kelly, DMDThis topic originally appeared on Dr. Kelly granted permission for it to…

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beyond graduation

Navigating Patient Expectations: Insights for Early-Career Dentists

Dentistry isn’t just about the technical handling of teeth; it involves the complex task of navigating patient…

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chair in a dental office ready for a special needs dental patient

Breaking Barriers to Care: Innovation in Special Needs Dentistry

By: Laura B. Holena, DDSThis topic originally appeared on Dr. Holena granted permission for this content…

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dentist talking to patient about referring her to a specialist

Referrals: What Dentists Wish Patients Knew

By: Dr. Savanah Craig In the age of Amazon Prime and grocery pick-up, convenience is becoming a…

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dental patients denials

Handling Patient’s Denials in Your Practice

By: Mary Osborne, RDHThis topic originally appeared on IgniteDDS was permitted to share it with our…

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Variolink Esthetic System Review

Variolink Esthetic System Review

By: Dr. James Wanamaker When I became a dental practice owner, one of my goals was to…

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clear retainers

A New Era in Dental Aesthetics: 3D-Printed Bleaching Trays and Micro-Invasive Solutions

By: Dr. Anna Babczyńska-StaszewskaThis topic originally appeared on Dr. Anna gave permission to igniteDDS to share…

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things dentists should stop saying

3 Things Dentists Should Stop Saying

By: Dr. Savanah Craig The language we choose to use is incredibly important. Unfortunately, if your dental…

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setting realistic expectations for your dental patients

Setting Realistic Expectations: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

By: Dr. Savanah Craig Managing the expectations of others is a challenge in any aspect of life…

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caries management

New Research on Caries Management 

By: Dr. Savanah Craig The American Dental Association defines dental caries as a; “Biofilm-mediated, sugar-driven, multifactorial, dynamic…

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