apply to dental school

You Want to Apply to Dental School, Now What?

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson Hi! I’m Dr. Bri Torgerson and this month, I wanted to touch base…

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strength train to prevent pain as a dentists

Is Strength Training the Key to Your Dental Career Longevity?

By: Savannah Craig One of the many things associated with a career in dentistry is back and…

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tips for finding a dental associate position

Tips When Looking for a Dental Associate Position

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson Navigating associate positions can be intimidating. If you’re like me, you can be confused…

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as a dentist should you change your name when you get married

DDS or MRS: Changing Your Name When You Get Married

By: Savannah Craig There are seemingly one million different questions to answer and decisions to be made…

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From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Conquer the Challenges of Buying + Owning a Dental Practice

With the Dental Business Mastermind Course:Learn How to Conquer the Challenges of Buying + Owning a Dental…

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what is flouride varnish

Is Fluoride Varnish Enough?

Discover the Benefits of Fluoride Varnish:A Powerful Dental Treatment for Stronger Teeth & Enhanced Oral Health By:…

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dental flippers

Dental Flippers: The Young Dentist’s Guide

Exploring Innovative Alternatives to Dental Flippers for Optimal Patient Smiles! By: Dr. David Rice Trauma, emergency extraction(s)…

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Lithium Disilicate vs Zirconia

Crown Wars: Lithium Disilicate vs Zirconia

By: Dr. David Rice Lithium Disilicate vs Zirconia? When it comes to selecting the best material for…

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dental school graduate

Dental School Graduate: Now What!?

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson So, you’ve just graduated from dental school, now what? First, of all, congratulations,…

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dental school to residency

Dear New Resident: Tips to Transitioning from Dental School to Residency

By: Savannah Craig Deciding to pursue a residency program is a big decision and there are a…

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