Dr. Lucas Shapiro is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his post-doctoral orthodontic training at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He currently practices orthodontics at Lemchen Salzer Ortho in NYC.

He started the Instagram page @futuredentists, works with the educational organization @ignitedds and has an orthodontic TikTok page @drshap.

valentine's day gifts for dentists

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Dental Professional

By: Lucas Shapiro Tired of giving the same old gift or chocolate and flowers to the people…

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malpractice insurance

How Much Should You Pay For Malpractice Insurance?

By: Dr. Luke Shapiro I just got off the phone with my insurance sales rep and they…

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tips to boost your credit and your savings before dental practice ownership

Boost Your Credit & Build a Savings Cushion Before Practice Ownership

By Dr. Hannah Crowell | November 22, 2023

Tips to Build Credit & Savings for a Thriving Future of Dental Practice Ownership By: Dr. Hannah Crowell Improving your credit and saving money before buying a practice are important steps in your financial journey. Here are some tips for both. Tips for Improving Your Credit Before Buying a Practice Here are essential tips to…

Mastering Dental Practice Financing with Jonathan Miller

Mastering Dental Practice Financing with Jonathan Miller

By Tanya Sue Maestas, DDS | November 20, 2023

Interviewer: Tanya Sue Maestas, DDSInterviewee: Jonathan MillerEdited By: Candy Velez – CRDH, BSDH Welcome back to Dental Fuel, your compass in the intricate world of dentistry! In our previous article, we delved into the startup and acquisition intricacies, focusing on the pivotal juncture of engaging with banks. Today, we’re honored to have Jonathan Miller, an…

when your occlusal clearance disappears

When Your Occlusal Clearance Disappears

By Dr. Lee Ann Brady | November 17, 2023

By: Lee Ann Brady DMDTopic Originally Appeared on It can be an incredibly frustrating clinical situation when you have been meticulous about preparing a posterior tooth, (most commonly a molar) for a crown and things aren’t predictable. Using your burs you created depth cuts to ensure adequate occlusal clearance. After the impression you allow…

common dental myth charcoal toothpaste

Common Dental Myth: Charcoal Toothpaste

By Dr. Bri Torgerson | November 13, 2023

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson Hi there! My name is Dr. Bri Torgerson and I am a General Dentist practicing out of St. Louis,  Missouri. I graduated in the really fascinating year of 2020 from The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California. I have worked in Scottsdale, AZ, Fort Lauderdale, FL,…

An Occlusion-Focused Hygiene Exam

An Occlusion-Focused Hygiene Exam

By Sable Muntean | November 10, 2023

By: Bill Gregg DDSTopic Originally Appeared on During an occlusion-focused hygiene exam, there are certain things the hygienist should pinpoint. This will help them develop a deeper relationship with the patient as well. A Hygiene + Occlusion Exam What the hygienist should look for: The Hygienist Role in a Hygiene + Occlusion Exam 1….


Why Study Occlusion?

By Kevin Muench | November 7, 2023

By: Kevin Muench DMD, MAGDTopic Originally Appeared on I’m a restorative dentist with a passion for occlusion. I’m a firm believer that our patients deserve our best efforts to eliminate deleterious stomatognathic forces that impact comfort, function, smile aesthetics, and whole health. So, I encourage all dentists to wrap their minds around the area…


How Residency Can Lead You Toward Your Self-Determined Future 

By Savanah Craig | November 6, 2023

By: Savannah Craig At IgniteDDS we’ve built a belief that to be in control of your life and your destiny you must have systems and procedures in place to give you control over 3 big things in your life and practice. Those three things are People, Process, and Production. If you can take control of…

mistakes clinicians make

Dental Practice Ownership: Critical Mistakes New Dentists Make

By Tanya Sue Maestas, DDS | October 31, 2023

Interviewer: Tanya Sue Maestas, DDSInterviewee: Jonathan MillerEdited By: Candy Velez – CRDH, BSDH In this article, Jonathan Miller shares valuable insights into the critical mistakes he has observed dentists make and provides guidance on navigating the startup and acquisition process. Mistake 1: Not Understanding the Importance of Where to Start One common mistake dentists make is…

what ifs when thinking about your dental career

Don’t Let The “What Ifs” Deter You From Success In Your Dental Career

By Dr. Hannah Crowell | October 25, 2023

By: Hannah Crowell Why is it so hard to commit to or even consider buying a dental practice? It boils down to fear. Fear of failure and all the negative “What ifs?”  Negative “What Ifs” to Avoid What if I can’t handle the stress? Dental school and those first few years out in the real…

DAT Dental Admission Test

Dental Admission Test (DAT): Tips to Prepare

By Dr. Bri Torgerson | October 23, 2023

By: Dr. Bri Torgerson Hi friends! My name is Dr. Bri Torgerson and I am a General Dentist currently working in St.  Louis, Missouri. I have written some advice on applying to dental school, what to do when you graduate, and finding an associate position right for you, but I wanted to dive into something…