Dr. Lucas Shapiro is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his post-doctoral orthodontic training at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He currently practices orthodontics at Lemchen Salzer Ortho in NYC.

He started the Instagram page @futuredentists, works with the educational organization @ignitedds and has an orthodontic TikTok page @drshap.

valentine's day gifts for dentists

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Dental Professional

By: Lucas Shapiro Tired of giving the same old gift or chocolate and flowers to the people…

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malpractice insurance

How Much Should You Pay For Malpractice Insurance?

By: Dr. Luke Shapiro I just got off the phone with my insurance sales rep and they…

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morning huddles

Powerful Connections: How Morning Huddles & Monthly Team Meetings Supercharge Dental Practices

By Dawn Patrick | August 14, 2023

By: Dawn Patrick As a dental practice, the key to success lies not only in providing excellent patient care but also in maintaining efficient operations and fostering a cohesive team environment. Two essential components that contribute to achieving these goals are: These gatherings play a significant role in the overall success of a dental practice…

as a dentist should you change your name when you get married

DDS or MRS: Changing Your Name When You Get Married

By Savanah Craig | August 8, 2023

By: Savannah Craig There are seemingly one million different questions to answer and decisions to be made while planning a wedding. You have to make a decision on everything from what types of flowers you want, to who will be invited. As a dentist, doctor, or someone who holds a professional license or publication you…

Connected Dentistry

How to Bring Connected Dentistry into Your Operatory    

By David Rice | August 7, 2023

By: A-dec Connected products are virtually everywhere you look: from fitness trackers to digital doorbells to smart refrigerators. And while most of us don’t use the official, technical term “Internet of Things” (IoT) to describe them, we understand the benefits of choosing a smart product. Surprisingly, while IoT has been utilized in other industries for years,…

dental fuel

Dental Fuel Episode 10: Financial Mistake with Dr. Shannon Johnson

By Tanya Sue Maestas, DDS | August 4, 2023

Dr. Shannon Johnson has wisdom in dentistry and experience in the field. She knows firsthand about financial mistakes and how to overcome them! In Dental Fuel episode 10, she shares just that– a financial mistake and the steps she took to overcome it! 🎙️ Listen to Dental Fuel Episode 10 on Apple Podcasts Dental Fuel…


From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Conquer the Challenges of Buying + Owning a Dental Practice

By David Rice | August 1, 2023

With the Dental Business Mastermind Course:Learn How to Conquer the Challenges of Buying + Owning a Dental Practice By: Dr. David Rice Are you a young dentist looking to take the leap from being an associate to becoming a successful practice owner? Buying a practice is tough. It takes most new dentists months simply to…

dental fuel

Dental Fuel Episode 9: Clinical Mistake with Dr. Shannon Johnson

By Tanya Sue Maestas, DDS | July 28, 2023

Shannon Johnson is in the HOUSE, bringing the DENTAL heat!! A true ROCKSTAR in the dental world and an AMAZING educator, she’s about to BLOW YOUR MIND in this week’s episode as she reveals her clinical mistake, the lessons learned, and how she turned it all around! Shannon Johnson grew up in a small coal…

what is flouride varnish

Is Fluoride Varnish Enough?

By Candy Velez - CRDH, BSDH | July 25, 2023

Discover the Benefits of Fluoride Varnish:A Powerful Dental Treatment for Stronger Teeth & Enhanced Oral Health By: Candy Velez – CRDH, BSDH As a clinical dental hygienist with a decade of experience, I have rarely heard patients ask the question, “Is Fluoride Varnish enough to protect my teeth?” Instead, patients often ask questions like: In…

dental flippers

Dental Flippers: The Young Dentist’s Guide

By David Rice | July 24, 2023

Exploring Innovative Alternatives to Dental Flippers for Optimal Patient Smiles! By: Dr. David Rice Trauma, emergency extraction(s) due to pain or infection, future dental implant, or simply missing a tooth, patients present in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons. Dentistry has a variety of ways to fill the gap. Once upon a…

dental fuel

Dental Fuel Episode 8: Expert Advice with Dr. Emma Guzman-Vizcarrondo

By Tanya Sue Maestas, DDS | July 21, 2023

Dr. Guzman closes out our series with us by offering some advice to our listeners! Dr. Emma Guzman is a General and Cosmetic Dentist, practicing in New York City. She completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and was a general practice resident at Bronx Care…

dental practice marketing

Strategies for Dental Practice Marketing Success in 2023

By Sean Hamel | July 18, 2023

By: Sean Hamel The world of marketing is an ever-evolving adventure, especially in the digital realm. To ensure your dental practice thrives, you need to stay ahead of the game and embrace cutting-edge strategies. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to skyrocket your dental practice’s marketing efforts this year. Get ready to embark on a…