Tooth Resorption: Case Study

Periodontist plan for patient with a resorptive defect

Periodontist Plan for Patient with Tooth Resorption

Thank you for referring [patient] to our office. We had the pleasure of meeting him on 2/1/2022 for a limited examination. [Patient] reports “I have a tooth that has resorption and need to see what would be my best option.”

The following describes my findings and treatment recommendations:

Clinical Findings:

  • Internal Resorption #24
  • Periodontist
    • Staging: Stage III (bone loss > 33% PD’s > 5mm. Class II/III furcations. <5 teeth lost due to periodontal disease)
    • Grading: Grade C: Rapid rate of progression
    • Extent and Distribution: Localized Sites (< 30% of teeth involved)

Treatment Plan:

  • Surgical extraction #24

My Thoughts

I informed [patient] that Dr. Wash will be treating #25 by doing a root canal to stop the slight internal resorption. I recommend extraction of #24. The site is not suitable for an implant due to the extensive lingual bone loss and the tight interproximal space. Dr. Duplantis is recommending a Maryland bridge.

Chad Duplantis, D.D.S, F.A.G.D

Chad Duplantis, D.D.S, F.A.G.D

Dr. Chad Duplantis has been lecturing nationally on various aspects of Digital and CAD/CAM Dentistry, Restorative Implant Dentistry, and other topics. He has been published in numerous dental journals. He is also the co-founder of a social media group aimed at creating well-informed dentists and improving dental education.