Brandon Capps

Dental Disability Insurance Checklist

This might be the most important document you will ever read as it is designed to help you find answers about arguably the most important piece of protection you may ever purchase, long-term disability insurance. The questions listed below might literally be the difference between your receiving full disability benefits, limited benefits, or none at all. With potential income of $10 million dollars or more, your ability to earn an income is by far the greatest asset you will ever have and is one of the key components of your overall financial plan. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a brand-new disability policy or if you are just wanting clarity about what you already have, this checklist should help you make an informed decision on what is best for you, and your family. Use this as a guide in your search and ask whoever you may be working with these questions so you can become as educated as possible. I assure you, not all policies are created equal and you deserve to know what you are buying. Please contact us if you would like transparent advice on disability insurance so you can have conviction about protecting your greatest asset.

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