Systems & Simplicity: Two Words that Come to Mind When Working with the Direct Restorative Workflow Kit from Ivoclar

By: Dr. James Wanamaker

I have been a fan of Ivoclar products since I was a student at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine.

I vividly remember touring their American headquarters in Amherst, NY as a third year and how impressed I was with their testing facility. Fast forward almost ten years later, as an owner of a restorative-based private practice, I look for products with a proven track record that are simple to use. 

The Dental World of Technology is Evolving

The dental world is becoming increasingly complex as technology and materials evolve. It is even more challenging for practices to keep up.  What differentiates practices that thrive from those that remain stagnant?

I would argue that the top 1% of practices have optimized their systems. 

The Ivoclar Ecosystem is Game Changer for Your Dental Practice

This is where I have found the Ivoclar ecosystem to be the game changer in my busy practice.

We have four dental assistants that rotate between multiple doctors. Previously, we had a variety of bond systems both in brand and generation. This created disorganization within our team when preparing the treatment rooms.

Furthermore, each product had different instructions for use. Even minor deviations from protocol can result in complications such as post-operative sensitivity and debonding. The quickest way for a patient to lose faith in a practice is unexpected complications post-treatment.

Adhese Universal

Adhese Universal solved these issues in my practice. We now have a single bond system that can be used for direct and indirect restorations.

Additionally, I find the unique pen delivery system easier to handle rather than fumbling with micro-brushes and dropper bottles.

As the pen is self-contained, I know that the first and last drops will give me predictable results without having to worry about the composition of the bond changing from evaporation compared to a typical dropper bottle delivery.

We also get the reliability of working with products within the ecosystem that are compatible. 

Case Study

This case was a small carious buccal lesion on #30 (see image below).

We applied Profound compounded topical and placed a rubber dam. No local anesthesia was needed as we utilized our Solea CO2 laser for the caries removal and preparation. Selective phosphoric etch was used.

Adhese Universal was applied with their pen delivery system (see image below) and cured using a Bluephase PowerCure.

The restoration was restored with Tetric Prime and polished with an Optragloss point (see image below). 

The products in the direct restorative kit allowed us to offer a high-quality restoration while maintaining efficiency. 

Direct Restorative Workflow Kit from Ivoclar

The direct restorative workflow kit comes ready with everything you need to simplify your restorative setup:

  • Optragates for retraction when a rubber dam cannot be used
  • Adhese Universal as a single component bonding agent
  • Tetric Evoflow and Tetric Prime for smaller restorations
  • Tetric PowerFlow and Tetric PowerFill for restorations where a bulk fill material is appropriate
  • Optragloss polishing points and wheels

I highly recommend that new doctors looking to level up their restorative treatment request their free trial kit using this link.

James Wanamaker

James Wanamaker

Dr. James Wanamaker earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 2016 with a concentration in pediatric dentistry. While at Buffalo, he served in multiple roles in organized dentistry, including the National Chair of the Council on Advocacy for the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). Following dental school, he then completed a General Practice Residency at SUNY Upstate Hospital and the Syracuse VA Hospital. He has completed additional training at the Dawson Academy, Invisalign, and surgical implant placement at the Brighterway Institute. Dr. Wanamaker is a partner in his dream private practice, Smiles of Skaneateles, located outside of Syracuse, NY. Dr. Wanamaker began working with IgniteDDS as a 3rd-year dental student. Since then, he has spoken at dental schools and conferences across the country on interview skills and finding your ideal private practice. He is heavily involved in organized dentistry on a local, state, and national level. Dr. Wanamaker currently serves as the Chair of the New Dentist Committee for the New York State Dental Association. In 2020 Dr. Wanamaker was inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Dentists. Fellows have exemplified excellence through outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to dentistry and society and only 3% of dentists are Fellows. Dr. Wanamaker resides in Upstate New York with his wife, Francesca, their young daughter, and Goldendoodle, Chewbacca.