Don’t Let The “What Ifs” Deter You From Success In Your Dental Career

By: Hannah Crowell

Why is it so hard to commit to or even consider buying a dental practice? It boils down to fear.

Fear of failure and all the negative “What ifs?” 

Negative “What Ifs” to Avoid

What if I can’t handle the stress?

Dental school and those first few years out in the real world are so incredibly stressful—always second-guessing yourself and struggling to learn and be better.

Truly good mentorship is incredibly hard to come by. It’s hard to imagine willingly signing yourself up for more work and stress. 

What if I can’t pay off the debt?

When you are already struggling to pay off dental school loans the idea of adding more loans to buy a practice is incredibly daunting. Young professionals are drowning in debt but this is also the time in our lives when we start to settle down roots—buying a home and starting a family adding more financial strains. 

What if I make a mistake and choose the wrong practice?

Signing up for a practice is a huge commitment—you are taking on a team and a certain patient base—what if it is a bad fit?

Yes, you can attempt to change it or yourself but that is not guaranteed to work.

What if I make a bad boss? Will I be a doormat or a micromanager? Do I have what it takes to lead a team confidently and successfully? 

Positive “What Ifs” to Focus On

With life, there will always be “What ifs”. Perhaps we just need to consider the positive possibilities. 

What if I am a problem solver, stress encourages me to take initiative, and I end up with a result that I am so much happier with?

Coming up with solutions and making things better is satisfying!

Having the ability and freedom to make changes will give you a sense of control that being an associate will never bring. 

What if I am actually able to successfully pay off my debt, and being a business owner opens up the financial possibilities?

Special tax deductions are now available, and I am able to run my business in a way that benefits me, my family, my team, and my patients.

What if I keep an open mind and know that change is always available to me when I own my practice?

By being the boss you can do whatever whenever you want.

Something is not going right? You can always pivot and adapt. You can keep trying until you find the best solution. 

What if I am a great boss?

I will have a team of people I truly care about and want to help them succeed too. With that mindset, you will be a great leader.

Just give yourself and your employees grace while figuring out what’s going to be best for your office and for your patients.

Shift Your Energy to Focus on the Positives

Instead of “what-iffing” your way to a “no”, try using that mental energy to explore industry resources and networks that can help you make an informed decision.

With help from well-known and trusted partners, like Provide for example, you can tap into insightful content and expert advice for every step of the journey.

By shifting your energy, you might be surprised how quickly the “what ifs” become “why nots?”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Dr. Hannah Crowell

Dr. Hannah Crowell

Dr. Hannah Crowell is a graduate of The Ohio State Dental School and is practicing as a general dentist in Houston, Texas. She happily lives there with her husband (also a general dentist), their three young children, and their pup. She is kept busy with her work and family, but enjoys hanging out with family and friends, road trips (with many necessary pit stops due to feisty toddlers), and exploring new cities and the great outdoors whenever she gets the opportunity!