Dental Assistant Requirements in Alabama


Are you looking to become a dental assistant or are moving as a current dental assistant? Make sure to check the dental assistant requirements in Alabama to see if you are still qualified in the state to practice.

Each state has different requirements for dental assistants, here are the levels, and functions permitted for dental assistants in Alabama.

Levels of Dental Assistants in Alabama

  1. Dental Assistant

1. Dental Assistant Requirements in Alabama

A dental assistant in Alabama may perform basic supportive dental procedures specified by the state dental practice act under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist.

Direct supervision is defined as the type of supervision in which a dentist is in the dental office or treatment facility, personally, diagnoses and treatment plan the condition to be treated, personally authorizes the procedures, and remains in the dental office or treatment facility while the procedures are being performed by the dental assistant, and evaluates their performance before dismissal of the patient.

There are no educational or training requirements for this level of dental assisting in Alabama. It is unknown the number of dental assistants practicing in Alabama as they are not regulated or tracked.

Radiography Requirements in Alabama

According to the DANB, there are no radiography requirements for dental assistants in Alabama and all dental assistants may legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform radiographic procedures.

Allowed and Prohibited Functions for Dental Assistants in Alabama

According to the DANB, here are the procedures that dental assistants in Alabama can and cannot perform:

Functions Allowed for Alabama Dental Assistants

Under direct supervision as mentioned above, Alabama Dental Assistants’ allowable functions:

  • Preliminary charting and inspection of the oral cavity
  • Place and remove gingival retraction materials
  • Remove intraoral sutures (excluding wire sutures)
  • Apply topical fluoride
  • Make dental radiographs or digital images
  • Give oral hygiene instructions including plaque staining, flossing, brushing, and caries susceptibility tests
  • Place and remove the rubber dam
  • Pre-fit and pre-contour orthodontic appliances either extraorally or intra-orally for final adaptation by the dentist
  • Place cavity liners and bases (excluding capping of exposed pulpal tissues)
  • Place and remove periodontal dressings
  • Take and record case history, blood pressure, pulse, and oral temperature
  • Contour stainless steel or chrome crowns but cannot cement them
  • Make impressions for diagnostic casts or opposing casts
  • Place, wedge, and remove matrices for operative dentistry
  • Make final impressions for removable and fixed prostheses, orthodontic appliances, retainers, devices to treat sleep apnea or anti-snoring devices, and medicament/whitening delivery trays; however, before said impressions may be used for the manufacture of prostheses and appliances, the dentist shall
    examine and approve such impressions for accuracy
  • Construct and place temporary crowns (excluding stainless steel crowns placed with intentions of reasonable permanency)
  • Construct and remove with hand instruments only interim restorations (interim restorations being any restoration placed while a more permanent restoration is being completed)
  • Apply topical anesthetics
  • Assist in the administering of N2O and O2
  • Remove excess cement with hand instruments from around permanent dental restorations and orthodontic appliances
  • Place and remove alveolar socket dressings
  • Apply topical oxygenating agents (excluding endodontic therapy)
  • Apply anti-inflammatory agents
  • Apply astringents

Functions Prohibited for Alabama Dental Assistants

  • Remove extrinsic stains, accretions, and calcareous deposits from teeth
  • Place Pit and Fissure Sealant
  • Place stainless steel crowns with intentions of reasonable permanency
  • Apply oxygenating agents during endodontic therapy
  • Remove wire sutures
  • Capping of exposed pulpal tissues
  • Gingival curettage
  • Root planing
  • Polish completed restorations
  • Place resorbable chlorhexidine chips
  • Place topical or subgingival antimicrobial or antibacterial agents
  • Periodontal probing
  • Furnish, construct, supply, or repair any prosthetic denture, bridge, appliance or structure to be worn in the mouth
  • Repair or fill cavities
  • Give interpretations or readings or x-rays or roentgenograms
  • Administer anesthetics
  • Bleaching of teeth

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Natalie Kaweckyj

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