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“Do you understand where you are going? Can you see the lifestyle you want? Don’t wake up 5 years from now wondering what you should do with your career. I wish I had this available to me as a young dentist.”

– David Rice, Founder of Ignite DDS

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At Ignite DDS, our focus is keeping you focused by offering you a specialized and cohesive array of dental practice tools, resources, and services, delivered by people who are as passionate about doing things right as you are.

Ignite was developed by people who are successful dentists themselves, so you’ll be benefiting from actual experience, and intelligent reflection upon that experience.

Ever feel like you
aren't getting
the whole story?

Ignite is a business reality check. Operations fact checkers. The keepers of the flame. Call us what you will, suffice to say we are exactly what we say we are. The final word.

No other service gives dentists the information they need, when they need it, at each stage of their career. We are their business partner for the life of their practice. Ignite will provide dentists with the tools and information that they need to succeed.




October 04 Network and Chill-Temple Dental Philedelphia, PA
October 17 Network and Chill-Calli Los Angeles, CA
November 23 Network and Chill- U of F Gainesville, FL
November 30 Network and Chill-NYC New York, NY



As your vision for your dental career continues to evolve, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You are not alone. It doesn’t have to be a daunting, complicated process filled with hard lessons learned along the way. IgniteDDS and Fortune Management have teamed up to build a program tailored for the young dentist, guided by mentors and practice success coaches.

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ignite lights the motivation of dental students and new dentists that fuels their ambitions. We inspire you to excel. Empower you to move forward with confidence to launch your practice. Provide the tools you need to succeed. Together… we are changing the future of dentistry.

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