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chronically enlarged tonsils

Chronically Enlarged Tonsils, What Does It Mean?

By Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, FAGD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA | August 15, 2022

By: Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, FAGD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA Chronically enlarged tonsils are a common condition, more likely to happen in children. Chronically enlarged tonsils are associated with: Frequent sore throat, ear, and throat infection.Enlarged adenoids, and poor nasal breathing.Poor nasal breathing leads to mouth breathing.Mouth breathing changes tongue posture.Poor tongue posture leads to poor maxillary…

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periodontal disease and heart failure

The Link Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Failure

By Kevin Henry | August 9, 2022

By: Kevin Henry A new study has given dental professionals yet another reason to talk to their patients about the importance of maintaining their oral health in order to maintain and even improve their overall health. This study was released at the start of July in one of the Journals of the American College of…

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scalloped tongue case study

Scalloped Tongue, What Does it Mean?

By Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, FAGD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA | August 8, 2022

By: Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, FAGD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA A scalloped tongue is characterized by wavy or rippled edges along its sides. Scalloped tongues are usually not a cause of concern, but if left untreated, they can cause additional complications and symptoms that can harm your dental health. Identifying bad oral habits and diagnosing certain medical…

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professional identity formation

Professional Identity Formation

By Savanah Craig | August 4, 2022

By: Savannah Craig Professional Identity Formation is a term I was unfamiliar with until it was brought up last week during my PGY-1 Orientation for my General Practice Residency program. Many of us have a variety of identities (daughter, sister, aunt, son, brother, uncle, etc.), and becoming a dentist requires you to add a new…

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why dentists aren't screening for sleep apnea

Why Aren’t Dentists Screening & Treating Sleep Apnea Patients?

By Teresa Power DeNike | August 1, 2022

By: Teresa Power DeNike, BS Sleep is a severely overlooked area in dentistry. In 2017, the ADA recommended all dentists screen for sleep apnea (and treat or refer out). Yet only 70% of dentists screen for sleep apnea, and most lack confidence in performing accurate routine screenings. In 2015, the AASM and AADSM recommended oral…

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workplace bullying

How Dental Assistants Can Deal with Workplace Bullying

By Dianne Auger | July 26, 2022

By: Dianne Auger, RDH, BS Have you ever loved your position on the dental team, and then it starts to all go downhill? Have you ever thought that being in a profession such as this one that there are no conflicts or acts of workplace bullying? Well, there is! I was just as surprised as you are,…

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Bank of America

Bank of America

2.99% for 12 Months + Origination and Appraisal Fee Waivers Commercial Real Estate loans

  • Minimum loan amount of $100,000 ($5,000,000 max) across all sectors
  • Competitive fixed rate is locked in for the remaining term
  • Application date: May 1st 2022 through September 30th 2022
  • Fund by date of January 31st 2023
  • Click here to learn more
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What is the best way to engage patients in Fuse?

What is the best way to engage patients in Fuse?

Patient engagement is critical in today’s digital world. Calling patients to confirm appointments takes time and removes team members from a variety of essential practice duties. For example, RevenueWell offers a whole suite of products that a practice can utilize to improve communication with patients and engage them in the practice.

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What are best practices for end of year (EOY) processing with Eaglesoft?Y IN FUSE?

What are best practices for end of year (EOY) processing with Eaglesoft?Y IN FUSE?

Communicating with patients in a variety of ways is an important step in reducing failed or no-show appointments and cancellations, as well as keeping both the restorative and hygiene schedules filled. It has been estimated that 40-60% of the restorative schedule comes from the hygiene schedule. If neither are booked, or booked and then have a high number of cancellations or failures, both the practice and patients suffer.

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Sable Muntean

Learn How to Build a Pandemic-Proof Practice

Invest in a new growth strategy that can survive any extraordinary situation with our help. We offer Fast-Trak events where we prepare a virtual event dedicated to helping your business cope in this pandemic. We want you to know that you are not alone in this fight, and if history serves us, great obstacles present great opportunities. The key? Great strategy.

What you do from this moment forward will determine if and how fast and effectively your practice recovers. Make no mistake and join us at this event.

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