Child brushing teeth

Ranking the States with the Best and Worst Dental Health 2023

Starting children off right with good oral health habits (including proper brushing and flossing) can help ensure…

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what is your why

What is your why?

By: Mohammed Hammoud Many of us are confronted with hopeless situations in which we no longer feel…

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broken teeth

Playing defense with teeth

By: Sable A Muntean, DMD, MHSA On a recent Friday afternoon, this 18-year-old female presented as a new patient…

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dental meeting

3 things to know about going back to dental meetings

COVID-19 forced meetings of all kinds, including those in the dental industry, to go virtual. However, in…

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3 reasons why the dental hiring crisis may soon subside

From Las Vegas to Orlando last week, here are the things we heard about the hiring crisis impacting so many dental practices.

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Help Wanted sign

New data shows how hiring crisis has grown in dental industry

how much the hiring crisis in dentistry has grown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lit leadership lessons: Let’s talk about perspective

Why? It’s a question we often ask, but without perspective, we will never know the answer, writes Dr. Amisha Singh.

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Arrow sign with start

After dental school: Considerations for joining alternative types of practices

By Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA Before graduating from dental school, the dental student is inundated with information…

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Number 3

3 ways to avoid the biggest crisis in dentistry

All across the country, dental practices are facing a hiring crisis. Teams are being stretched thin because…

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Lit leadership lessons: How dental professionals can honor boundaries

Dr. Amisha Singh discusses why setting boundaries is so important for dental professionals and how it can improve health.

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