Why you need to hit the reset button heading into 2021

Let’s face it … 2020 has had plenty of “ugh” moments. In the dental practice, that has included a disruption in business and a recalculation of exactly what many team members actually want out of their days and careers. Additional PPE and precautions have added to stress levels.

In March and April, I heard from so many dental team members about why they felt they were hitting “the reset button” in their careers. Did they still want to stay at the same practice? Did they still want to stay in dentistry? Many of the choices made in the early days of the pandemic are still being felt six months later as the holiday season creeps up on us. The hiring crisis in dentistry is real.

So let’s talk about that reset button. Let’s talk about why it’s important for you to hit it as well as 2021 comes closer. I have some thoughts on it and explain why it’s so important for all team members to do. Check out my video below … and never forget #TogetherWeRise

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