Dr. Lucas Shapiro is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his post-doctoral orthodontic training at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He currently practices orthodontics at Lemchen Salzer Ortho in NYC.

He started the Instagram page @futuredentists, works with the educational organization @ignitedds and has an orthodontic TikTok page @drshap.

valentine's day gifts for dentists

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Dental Professional

By: Lucas Shapiro Tired of giving the same old gift or chocolate and flowers to the people…

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malpractice insurance

How Much Should You Pay For Malpractice Insurance?

By: Dr. Luke Shapiro I just got off the phone with my insurance sales rep and they…

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infection control coordinator

Let this be the year of the Infection Control Coordinator

By Michelle Strange | February 17, 2022

By: Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH Infection control (IC) is vital to protect the health and well-being of both patients and staff in any successful dental practice. It should be a priority to appoint at least one infection control coordinator (ICC) responsible for the safe delivery of care. What is an Infection Control Coordinator? The CDC…

hippa updates

HIPAA in 2022: What’s on the horizon?

By Linda Harvey | February 15, 2022

By: Linda Harvey, MS, RDH Note to Reader: This blog is an excerpt of an article originally published on DentistryIQ. In case you weren’t aware, there are a number of HIPAA updates on the horizon. That’s because patient rights, data security, and digital transformations are mutating as quickly as the COVID variants. Table of Contents:…

This Will Supercharge Your Impact In Dentistry – It Did Mine!

By Kevin Henry | February 9, 2022

This post originally appeared on  By: Julie Friesen  What does making an impact in dentistry look like to you? Who do you want to influence the most? How can you make a difference in the work that you do? These are tough questions to ponder but I know if you are reading this, you…

how to attract quality employees for your dental practice

“Google it”

By Katie Klaes | February 9, 2022

By: Katie Klaes Once a company’s name becomes a verb, you know they have made a huge impact on daily life and culture. Google receives about 3 million applications per year with an acceptance rate somewhere in the 0.2% to 0.67% range. The company was ranked #7 on Glassdoor’s 2022 list of Best Places to…

how one bad experience can ruin your dental practice

How one bad experience can destroy your entire dental practice

By David Rice | February 1, 2022

By: David Rice At 53 years of age, I’d like to tell you I’ve grown up. I really would. However, not so much. Sitcoms and stupid movies still win in my world. That said, what aging has afforded me in addition to the gray hairs is this. There is ALWAYS a great lesson to be learned. So,…

what to consider when looking for an associate position

Things to consider when looking for a dental associate position

By Jennifer Murphy | January 30, 2022

By: Jennifer Murphy, DDS, FAGD There are many, many factors to consider when looking for your next associate position. While the unicorn may be out there – your perfect job – it’s important to know your non-negotiables as well as what you are willing to compromise on in a dental associate position. So, let’s get…

healthcare real estate

Healthcare Real Estate – Leasing vs. Buying

By Dan Gleissner | January 24, 2022

By: Dan Gleissner, CARR One of the most common questions healthcare providers ask regarding their practice’s real estate is, “Should I purchase or lease my office space?” Many providers are quick to assume that, since they own their home, they should also own their office space. While that logic is sound and often times owning…

protect your staff and dental patients from omicron variant

Dentists should assess your local hospitalization capacity as Omicron surge drags on

By Margaret Scarlett | January 24, 2022

By: Margaret Scarlett, DMD The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is driving a national surge in COVID-19 cases, serious illness, and hospitalizations. With more than 750,000 cases a day in the US, the incidence of new COVID-19 cases and lack of availability of reliable testing means that a “Zero COVID strategy” may be out of reach to…

dental associate contract

Dental Associate Contract: The first contract for the dental graduate

By Bruce Bryen | January 17, 2022

By: Bruce Bryen, CPA/CVA After finally graduating from dental school and taking any additional courses that might be needed where the potential associateship is being offered, the job now is waiting for those qualified to work. The title of Associate Dentist has a wonderful sound to it and the compensation package is one that will…

set new dental goals

How To Run a Successful Dental Practice – Time to Get Pumped UP!

By Paul Caselle | January 12, 2022

By: Dr. Paul Caselle We have closed out 2021, now it’s time to get pumped up about 2022 and run a successful dental practice by following these four steps: Assessment, Objectives, Plan, and Execution Assessment Objectives Plan Execution Assessment How well did you meet your personal and professional goals for the past year? What impediments…