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10 Questions I Asked In My Associate Interviews

The light at the end of the tunnel shines brightly. The fourth year of dental school or last year of residency is coming to an end and you’re ready to get out. Have you considered your options? Are you ready to step into that light? How do you know what’s right for you or what’s a good fit? Here is a partial list of questions with background information and follow-ups that I asked practice owners in the search for my ideal associateship:

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Protect Your ASSets…The Why

Blood…sweat…tears…$$$. You’ve invested more than your share and you’ve done it for years. What you are now or will be shortly…a dentist…with the right to finally earn a great living and have a great life. What you have to protect…NOW…is your greatest investment…YOU. With that, we’ve teamed up with our great friend, Brandon Capps of Velocity Wealth Management for the series to come. We have ONE goal for you. Get educated so you can make the best choices for you!

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3 Ingredients to 30 Second Full Arch Scans

Time…it’s arguably our most valuable commodity. You can make more of almost everything else in your dental practice when you think about it. So besides every other, well documented reason to stop impressioning and start scanning, let’s focus on what matters most…your time.

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How to NOT FAIL Miserably in Clinic

Your Clinical Education is THE foundation to your success! You and I have to walk our clinical talk or all the brilliant business moves in the world become one hit wonders…and let’s face it VH1 aside, none of us care about one hit wonders…

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Pizza By the Slice…Or the Whole Pie

Whether you prefer NY or Chicago style, one thing’s for sure. There are people who prefer a slice at a time and their are people with whole pie appetites. What I’d like to suggest to you is this. Your patients…they like pizza too. And just like every other “Can’t wait to burn my mouth” pizza lover, some need you to serve them a tooth at a time…and others…others want you to deliver their entire treatment plan all at once. What matters most is understanding WHO wants what…and when.

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NBDE I: How-To

Getting ready to study for NBDE part I? Not sure what to expect? Read on for advice on how to pass the first time around…

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igniteDDS Dr. David Rice

The #1 New Dentist Obstacle… Pizza by the Slice or the Whole Pie

How many times have you delivered a great treatment plan to a patient only to have the patient and/or a team member look at you like you’re: 
Clearly not as good as the owner dentist
Out of your mind
Trying to scam them
In this episode, Dr. David Rice, founder of igniteDDS and Mr. Jonathan Miller, Executive Fortune Management Coach, show you how to deliver your treatment plan pizza by the slice or the whole pie. AKA, how to win the patient and the team, without pi#*ing off the owner doc.

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The Right Partnership

In a sea of dental vendors, who do you choose? Learn here what makes a dental vendor “enlightened” and understand which companies are there to help you grow…

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Top 15 Tips To Crush Dental School

We have compiled the Top 15 proven tips and tricks that will help crushing your dental school interviews. We know these worked because we are speaking from personal experiences and the perspective of a former predental student. You will not only learn how to dress professionally, but also other very important areas you might not be aware of. Ultimately, we want you to succeed and we believe you can do it! Click here to download the ebook now!

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Get Motivated, Be Dedicated, Stay Involved

Applying for dental school can be…. is a very stressful process. Of course your goal is to have the most competitive DAT score, GPA and excellent academic ranking. In light of all those factors, one must keep in mind the importance of maintaining your extracurriculars up to date.

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The Dental School Game Plan

How do you plan on achieving your dream of becoming a dentist? It no longer is an easy task. With almost 14,000 applicants to the 65 dental schools in the United States your grades will no longer solely set you apart. Much more goes into your application now-your extracurricular activities, leadership positions, DAT scores, and the very important personal statement. Because only 15% of applicants are called for an interview you need to use every opportunity you can put get yourself ahead of the pack and this book will help you do just that.

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The Benefits of Interdisciplinary CE

I recently attended AAOMS’s Dental Implant Conference, an interdisciplinary conference that presents a holistic approach to dental implant treatment plans. Find out more about the benefits of interdisciplinary conferences in the article.

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Let’s Caucus!

I attended the AAOMS District III caucus last weekend in Atlanta and had a great time taking part in our political process. Learn more about how you can ensure your voice gets heard in organizations like AAOMS, ASDA, the ADA, and more!

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Empowering your TEAM!

During residency or your first few years in practice how did you adapt to the revolving door of dental assistants? I don’t know about you but between my residency and my first associateship I had to learn how to build trust, empower, and encourage my dental assistant almost instantly!

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How to Not Fail Miserably as you Graduate

D4’s, get ready…homestretch ahead. D1-D3’s, getting ready early… is exactly what you need.

As a D23, practice owner, and founder of igniteDDS, everyday, I get asked what the most successful young dentists do differently. The short story…they become president and CEO of their personal corporation.


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Assessing Burn Out

Student, resident, and dentist burn out is prevalent and has the ability to seep into all aspects of life. The Maslach Burnout Inventory is the gold standard for self-evaluating burn out, and the results may serve as a spark to seek help or make a change in work or life style.

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Negotiating on Your Own Terms: Everything a New Grad Needs to Know About Contracts PART 2

For those of you who are gearing up for graduation, you will soon be encountering the world of contracts which is a daunting part of the first year out of dental school. I am launching a three part series to discuss the key components to a dental associate contract, what you should be on the lookout for, and what things are up for negotiation. This is PART II of a 3 part series

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How to Setup an IN-OFFICE INSURANCE PLAN…the easy way

How do you avoid INSURANCE FEEs and PPOs in your practice…WHILE getting patients the right care…even without dental benefits?

Dentists across the country want to set up simple In-Office insurance plans.

Today, you’ll learn the easy way to address this.

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The Perception of Strangers Can Break Your Heart

Erinne showed me what Google predictors completed when typing “Dentists are…” and it was horrid. It broke my heart and got me wondering. For every time we hear “I hate dentists” but we still continue to love what we do… why? For those of you who wonder the same, read my answer here.

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AEGD/GPR vs. Private Practice, Are you confused?!?!

Hi guys, I’m excited to share with you an awesome conversation I had with a D4 student who was struggling with the question of: Do I attend a GPR/AEGD or go work in private practice? I know that I personally struggled with this question a lot. So here’s the video of our conversation and me sharing my personal experiences from the last 6 months in private practice. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other topics/ questions that you would like me to address.

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Dentistry and the Dating Game Pt 1

Ask yourself this. In dentistry, are we really the business of oral health? Or… are we in the business of people…relationships…and the oral health thing is simply what we aim to improve?

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Married to medicine

On Valentine’s Day this year, I spent 12 hours at school during the day (from 7 AM – 7 PM) and less than 5 hours with my boyfriend. At this point, it would be appropriate to change my relationship status to: married to medicine.

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