Using CBD for Dental Care: Treat Anxiety & Pain

By: Anna Joubert

CBD oil has infiltrated the health industry, becoming a key ingredient in manufacturing shampoos, creams, capsules, and several other products.

FDA research in 2015 has proven that the component also works wonders in dentistry.

Read on to find out how CBD can solve dental anxiety and pain.

Can CBD be Useful in Dentistry?

Unlike popular opinion, CBD oil in Florida doesn’t cause a “high,” despite being a cannabis plant product like marijuana. It has low THC levels, a psychoactive molecule that causes the “high” effect.

Experts have approved its use in treating fibromyalgia, epilepsy, and endodontic therapies.

A pressing concern for most is how it works in dentistry, given that it doesn’t have THC.

Pain and anxiety relief results from CBD’s effect on the endocannabinoid system or the network of receptors communicating with the body’s cells and nervous system.

CBD can be a gem in dentistry since the receptors alter the cell signals and influence the body’s perception of pain, anxiety, and other unpleasant emotions. This working principle can apply to treating other complications from nausea to eye disease.

Is CBD Legal? Are there Limitations?

Issues regarding the legal use of cannabis are pretty complicated, and there is no clear yes or no answer.

The legality of CBD use depends on factors like the state’s laws, CBD’s source, and mode of consumption.

According to the Agriculture Improvement Act (2018), CBD is legal provided that it has 0.3% or less THC; the government considers it marijuana if the levels are higher than that. However most states allow various cannabis uses, but others prohibit it.

For instance, the marijuana laws in Florida state that cannabis use is only legal if the user obtains authorization based on chapter 381 of the state’s statutes. It is only permitted for medicinal purposes but not recreation, and the law applies to transferring ownership from an authorized user.

The same goes for marijuana laws in Pennsylvania.

4 Dental Uses for CBD and their Main Benefits

Professionals hail CBD as a game changer in the medical world, especially in pain relief.

Dentists also incorporate it in treatment, and the following are the main reasons.

1. CBD for Dental Anxiety: Can CBD Oil Help with That?

About 19% of the US population experiences dental anxiety. It may be due to previous personal experiences or predisposed fear of seeing a doctor. Regardless, it makes patients procrastinate appointments and avoid routine checkups.

Luckily, CBD oil is the solution to these challenges.

Dentists recommend it to help you cope with anxiety, helping you feel calmer before the procedure. The compound intercepts the brain’s receptors and alters neurotransmitters, effectively reducing nervousness.

2. CBD for Pain Relief

CBD is a tested product for pain relief, serving as an analgesic for various treatments, including surgical pain.

You can use it if you suffer from dental complications like tooth decay and gum disease and often deal with excruciating pain.

It is also handy for pain relief after endodontic procedures like implants. Together with less painful and non-invasive procedures, dentist appointments in the future may be entirely pain-free.

3. Using CBD to Reduce Inflammation

You can also use CBD to deal with inflammation from gum disease that can escalate to more severe health problems.

Gum or mouth inflammation can travel through your body and lead to other complications, but CBD counters this and helps you heal faster from dental surgeries.

Recovery will be faster than usual and painless, and you won’t have to worry about developing other health problems caused by inflammation.

4. Improving Sleep with the Help of CBD

Sleeping becomes challenging when you constantly deal with dental anxiety, inflammation, and excruciating pain from tooth complications like cavities and gum disease.

CBD oil helps relieve pain, gives you peace of mind, and helps you sleep better.

Quality sleep positively impacts your overall health, avoiding migraines and fatigue, which affects your everyday productivity.

Should We Consider CBD as a Natural Alternative?

While conventional drugs are effective against various health issues, more people are increasingly turning to natural plant remedies as medicine.

CBD’s popularity keeps growing since it is effective, all-natural, doesn’t have a “high,” and is non-addictive.

The product is known to reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation thanks to tests and thorough research. If CBD appeals to you, you can purchase it from a trustworthy source but seek professional advice first while confirming your state’s laws regarding its usage.

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Anna Joubert

Anna Joubert

Anna Joubert is a cannabis enthusiast and a digital marketer working with State Cannabis Organizations. Her main goal is to help reduce the stigma around cannabis in the USA by educating people about the many uses of the plant. She is passionate about cannabinoid medicine and cannabis awareness.