Grow Your Profit. Not Your Stress.

Overworked, overwhelmed, participating with too many insurances that pay you too little? I get it, I’ve had it and I had to overcome it in my own practice. 

Three levers guarantee your ability to take back the practice you’ve given your time – your energy – and yourself to!  Financial control, systems control and clinical control. 

Build and position those properly, and you will control your ability to leverage your people – your process – and your production. 

In just 90 days, we’re going to define your self-determined future – what you define as success, and help you develop the controls necessary to get there. 

Refine the three P’s (people, process and production), and you not only have an opportunity for predictable and repeatable success – you have the playbook for your self-determined future.

Why is it that some dental practices thrive and others don't?

Do you ever catch yourself wondering:

  • How can I drive a wildly profitable and sustainable business?
  • How can I hold my ideal team and high performance levels together long term?
  • How can I drive an incontestable clinical reputation through my business?

If that's you, here are some programs that will help you right now.


90-Day Jumpstart Program

90 days to $90k production/month


90-Day Jumpstart Program

Acquisition or Start Up, triple your ROI in 90 days!


90-Day Jumpstart Program

Want to maximize your sale price? Triple your ROI in 90 days and live the life you imagined.

We believe fearless, trailblazing dentists deserve a self-determined future.

If you're like most of the dentists we work with, you didn't work as hard as you did, to get where you are to do okay in life. You gave up fun and family time for a better future - a self-determined future. A future where you get to decide what matters most to you - and you get to enjoy it. Through every obstacle you've faced - the work - the stress - and the victories - you are the hero of your story!

When you stop listening to the same old culture story and build a team of character - you'll eliminate the turnover 70% of practices endure. When you shift from winging it to having best practices - your process will deliver calm and consistency, and your stress and risk will disappear. When you learn how to consistently get a yes to complete care and stop treating a tooth at a time - you will wake up and wonder when the last time you stressed over money was.

Dreams… how do you reach yours?

Financial control. Systems control. Clinical control.

These are the foundations we bring to fearless, trailblazing dentists who are ready for better!

Imagine having seamless systems control, robust financial management processes, and expert clinical processes that elevate your practice to new heights. The dream life you've envisioned is within reach.

Stop delaying and start thriving! Join us in this transformative journey as we explore the possibilities that await when you take control. Don't let time slip away – your dream life is calling.

Our Process

Building Your Self-Determined Future

Key Outcome One

Financial Control

Our prescriptive solutions provide tangible outcomes that empower you to take charge of your practice's financial destiny. We equip you with the tools and strategies to optimize revenue, reduce overhead costs, and ensure a financially sound and thriving dental practice. Say "goodbye" to financial worries and "hello" to sustainable profitability.


Dr. David Rice and IgniteDDS is just what every young dentist needs! He is extremely helpful in both the clinical and business side of dentistry. His genuine kindness is contagious and he just makes you want to keep striving for the best.

-- Dr. David Le

Key Outcome Two

System Control

We don't like turnover. That said, people move - teams get sick - and vacations matter. We'll help you build systems that are so refined, you'll literally be able to unplug any team member or dentist, on any day, and never miss a beat. We'll fortify your systems that work as you need. We'll assess, calibrate and elevate your appointment scheduling, patient management, team and patient communication, and more. It's time you enjoy a practice that thrives effortlessly.


When we met David we thought we had a firm grasp on our systems. Wow were we surprised at how smooth our days became when he showed us how to get every clinical team member on the same page, every day! Our production is up 27% and my stress levels are almost negligible. Almost.

-- Dr. Mike

Key Outcome Three

Clinical Control

This transformational outcome is all about performance. We are your partners in elevating your clinical practices to new heights. Our guidance enables you to provide top-notch patient care, embrace the latest advancements in dentistry, and become the go-to expert in your field. With us by your side, you'll build a clinical reputation that's second to none.


Thank you for the wonderful experience this weekend. I had a great time learning, I can’t believe how much I walked away with. It was the best CE course I have taken.

--Ingrid Babiner

Getting Started is Easy!


Understand the Truth

Here's the truth. You're either on the green line, growing and moving closer to your ideal life - or you're not. When you're on the red line, whether it's financially, systematically, or clinically - every week - month - and year that passes - you're moving further and further from the life you set out to build. So it's gut-check time. Are you on the trajectory to your self-determined future?

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Book a Free Discovery Call

We know our process works. You know how you work. The question is, are you ready to live your self-determined future right now? Book a free 15-minute "Fit" call. We want to know where you are today - where you want to go - and how fast you'd like to get there. From there, we'll custom-build your plan and playbook and help you make it happen.


Transform Your Business

No matter which pathway you are on, it’s never too late to correct your trajectory towards your self-determined future. Let us help you course correct.