Fortune Management



Fortune Management is an organization committed to helping doctors and their teams turn their dreams into realities. We believe in the best balance of practice management and personal development, to create not only the structure but, more important, the culture to create an extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life for the people who work within the profession and for the patients they serve.

Take Charge of your practice

You honed your technical skills in dental school. But little did you know that in addition to DDS or DMD, you’d need to fill the role of CEO, CFO, Director of HR, and VP of Marketing. Because today, being a dentist also means being a small business owner. In addition to providing top-notch patient care, you have to worry about profitability, personnel issues, training your staff, insurance, taxes, marketing and more. Chances are, all of these extra responsibilities are eating into your personal time…time that would be better spent with your family or pursuing outside interests.

That’s where Fortune Management comes in.