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Upcoming Events

November 23 Network and Chill- U of F Gainsville, Florida
November 30 Network and Chill-NYC New York, NY

Previous Events

David Rice


You know it already on Insta’s terms as a student today. The first question is, where does influence truly matter for you as a new dentist? The next question is, how do you achieve it.

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David Rice

Network and Chill- U of F


Multiple Experts…in Multiple spaces…
Mastering Debt
Hands-on Technology
Hands-on Impressions, Temporization, Composites
Snacks…Beverages…And More
Join us for the PREMIER networking and educational event for dental students and young dentists in Gainesville. Go Gators!

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David Rice

Network and Chill UIC

If you’re ANYTHING like your fellow 16,000+ dental students across the U.S….we’re guessing there are a few questions on your mind:

How the heck do I manage my student loans?
When will someone teach me about the business of dentistry?
Can I own my own business or is this DSO thing my only option?
If I can own, do I buy a practice? Start one up? 
Why? How? When? Where’s best?

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