Leading dental educators, clinicians, Ignite DDS and CareCredit have come together to get you the information and insights to help you move forward and reopen, recover and re-ignite your team, your patients and your practice.

Get Ready to Recover

Ken Runkle talks money with us today. Now that dentists are coming into the recovery phase, learn what strategies will push your practice forward into a strong second half of the year.

Jonathan Miller with Fortune Management talk about the Recovery Acceleration Plan (R.A.P). The first thing to do is take a look at your leadership to prepare for a strong comeback. Remember, how you react during a crisis will determine how you come out of it.

Mary Govoni discusses the importance of infectious control. What types of PPE should you be using during your emergency only procedures? When dental offices are cleared to reopen, what will the new protocols be?

Patient Communication and Care

Rita Zamora details why now is the time to become a part of the social media community and leverage these mediums to communicate with patients and your community: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Alex Nudel and Jeffrey White talk about how to choose your words wisely when communicating to your patient base and team.

Minal Sampat shares how to manage your online practice, find a common ground with your patients and produce content that provides solutions to problems patients may be facing.

Judy Kay Masoulf shares why it’s critical to stay in contact with patients and your team through texts, email, or phone and keep them up-to-date with what is going on within your practice.

Team Strategies

Sameer Bhasin from Care Credit discusses easy ways to implement contactless safety in the dental practice while not sacrificing the experience. Safety is the number one concern until a vaccine is available.

Rachel Wall discusses the importance of hygiene strategies that can lead to comprehensive care in the second part of the year. Also learn how hygiene strategies and communication have changed since COVID-19.

Heather Colicchio tells us now is the time to focus on education and use Facebook Live and Zoom to give up-todate information. Check out free team resources.

Teresa Duncan encourages teams to use this time as an opportunity to shift gears within your practice. Build relationships with your team so they know you care. People are your biggest investment.

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