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igniteDDS Dr. David Rice

The #1 New Dentist Obstacle… Pizza by the Slice or the Whole Pie

How many times have you delivered a great treatment plan to a patient only to have the patient and/or a team member look at you like you’re: 
Clearly not as good as the owner dentist
Out of your mind
Trying to scam them
In this episode, Dr. David Rice, founder of igniteDDS and Mr. Jonathan Miller, Executive Fortune Management Coach, show you how to deliver your treatment plan pizza by the slice or the whole pie. AKA, how to win the patient and the team, without pi#*ing off the owner doc.

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Dentistry and the Dating Game Pt 1

Ask yourself this. In dentistry, are we really the business of oral health? Or… are we in the business of people…relationships…and the oral health thing is simply what we aim to improve?

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