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Forced perspective…

It’s a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object or person appear:

farther away
or smaller
than it actually is. In short, it manipulates our perspective, based on where each person or object is positioned in relation to each other and the camera.

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DMG and the Young KOL

What Makes a Key Opinion Leader a KOL?

In 2009, Market Strategies International conducted a research study among a select group of 100 national and regional Key Opinion Leaders. The respondents, themselves, defined a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) according to the following key characteristics:

Regularly sought out by their colleagues for opinions or advice
Speak often at regional or national conferences
Have published articles in a major journal during the past two years
Consider themselves early adopters of new treatments or procedures
Help establish protocols for patient care

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We should be more like kids

On a recent outreach trip to a public school, I spent the morning with children in the 3rd grade. I was the one who was supposed to give a presentation and teach them about healthy habits and routines. Instead, I was learning from them.

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