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igniteDDS Dr. David Rice

The #1 New Dentist Obstacle… Pizza by the Slice or the Whole Pie

How many times have you delivered a great treatment plan to a patient only to have the patient and/or a team member look at you like you’re: 
Clearly not as good as the owner dentist
Out of your mind
Trying to scam them
In this episode, Dr. David Rice, founder of igniteDDS and Mr. Jonathan Miller, Executive Fortune Management Coach, show you how to deliver your treatment plan pizza by the slice or the whole pie. AKA, how to win the patient and the team, without pi#*ing off the owner doc.

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Correlation between the psychiatrist shortage and mental health needs

You can’t turn on the television anymore without watching some news of suicides or shootings. It is clear that there is currently a severe mental health crisis in the U.S. This is not just speculation. According to a recent AAMC article, there is a higher demand for mental health treatment than there are trained professionals.

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NBDE I: How-To

Getting ready to study for NBDE part I? Not sure what to expect? Read on for advice on how to pass the first time around…

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Top 5 Strategies I’ve learned in Patient Care (…so far!)

In my young career as a provider (I am still a student after all), I have picked up a few strategies from my professors and my patients themselves on providing the best, most honest patient care in the student clinics. Working in the student clinics proves to be a wonderful learning environment, but can be difficult at times due to the intricacies of being…well…a student clinic. Here are the top strategies that I’ve learned so far to be at the top of your patient care game:

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