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Correlation between the psychiatrist shortage and mental health needs

You can’t turn on the television anymore without watching some news of suicides or shootings. It is clear that there is currently a severe mental health crisis in the U.S. This is not just speculation. According to a recent AAMC article, there is a higher demand for mental health treatment than there are trained professionals.

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NBDE I: How-To

Getting ready to study for NBDE part I? Not sure what to expect? Read on for advice on how to pass the first time around…

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Being a student in your 30’s

The truth is no matter how good your application essay and how convinced you think you sound about becoming a doctor, you truly don’t know what it is like unless and until you are in it.

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Uber Health offers rides for patients in need

The popular car service, Uber, has recently tapped into the health care market. The company announced Uber Health this month – a desktop only platform for health care providers to get rides for patients where transportation may be a barrier to care.

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Dissecting media in medicine

The internet can be a powerful tool, but also a dangerous one given the breadth and depth of false information. Despite its intelligence, Google can’t replace a four-year medical degree.

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