David Rice

David Rice

Founder of the nation’s largest student and new-dentist community, igniteDDS, David R. Rice, DDS, travels the world speaking, writing, and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices. He is the editorial director of DentistryIQ and leads a team-centered restorative and implant practice in East Amherst, New York. With 27 years of practice in the books, Dr. Rice is trained at the Pankey Institute, the Dawson Academy, Spear Education, and most prolifically at the school of hard knocks.

dmg dentamile desk system

DMG DentaMile Desk MC System

By: DMG-Connect.com DMG Connect allowed igniteDDS permission to share this video with our readers.

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make sure to schedule a team introduction when looking to acquire a dental practice

Buyer Beware: No Team Introduction Equals No Goodwill

By: Dr. David Rice  Buying a dental practice is multifaceted and as a buyer, you need to…

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buyer beware numbers can lie in a dental practice acquisition

Buyer Beware: Numbers Can Lie in Dental Practice Acquisitions

By: Dr. David Rice In the world of dental practice acquisitions, potential buyers often find themselves navigating…

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retain the patients

5 Best Practices to Retain the Patients in Your New Acquisition

Implementing best practices can make a substantial difference in helping retain the patients in your new acquisition…

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why staying an associate is a big financial loss for dentists

Why Staying An Associate Is A Big Financial Loss

In the realm of personal finance, understanding the nuances of take-home pay is crucial for individuals striving…

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red flags

5 Red Flags that Prevent New Dentists from Getting their First Practice Loan

Navigating Your Path to Practice: Most Common Red Flags that Prevent New Dentists from Getting their First…

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A Dentist’s Insight into Oil Pulling and Contemporary Dentistry

Navigating the Buzz: A Dentist’s Take on Contemporary Dentistry & Oil Pulling By: Dr. David Rice  It’s…

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oil pulling

Swishing to Wellness: Oil Pulling for Oral Radiance

By: Dr. David Rice In the quest for natural and holistic oral care, you might have come…

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Dr. Sable Muntean Appointed as Chief Editor of Get Lit Newsletter

Get Lit Newsletter Welcomes Dr. Sable Muntean as Chief EditorIgniting Success for New Dentists with Enhanced Content…

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looking at the wrong practice

Buyer Beware: 7 Warnings You’re Looking at the Wrong Practice to Buy

Here’s Why You Should Not Ignore the Red Flags By: Dr. David Rice So you want to…

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misconceptions about dental insurance

Misconceptions about Dental Insurance

By Teresa Duncan | June 22, 2022

By: Teresa Duncan One of the big issues that new dentists face is learning the ins and outs of insurance — it’s a lot of paperwork! A lot of dentists find themselves confused fighting a mountain of red tape. 4 Common Dental Insurance Misconceptions In case this sounds like you, here are four common misconceptions…

cost to buying a dental practice

The Real Cost to Acquire a Dental Practice

By Bruce Bryen | June 15, 2022

By: Bruce Bryen The dental school graduate is ready to acquire a dental practice and wants to understand how much it really costs: You have been a dental school graduate for the last five years and have been working as an associate in someone’s dental practice. The clinical skills you have learned have gotten you…

dental clinic

Clinic Advice for D3s & D4s

By Savanah Craig | June 15, 2022

By: Savannah Craig Starting clinic can come with a lot of conflicting feelings. It is exciting to finally be treating patients, but it can also be a stressful experience. Everyone enters clinic with a different level of confidence, skill, and a unique patient pool. Treating patients can be a very rewarding experience, but it can…

hidden cost of acquiring a dental practice

The hidden cost to acquire a dental practice

By Bruce Bryen | June 8, 2022

By: Bruce Bryen A dental school graduate that has worked as an associate and learned from a mentor or owner may now be looking for that first dental practice acquisition. There are many things to think through before buying a dental practice, since this is probably the largest purchase and borrowing step that has ever been…

back pain as a dentist

Does Your Back Hurt? This Simple Product Can Save Your Back!

By Amber Auger | June 8, 2022

By: Amber Auger, RDH Near to my heart is helping hygienists have healthier, happier careers, and I believe it starts with an honest assessment of our health. It’s difficult to find joy at work when dealing with back pain, and sadly most hygienists report chronic pain. Previously, I’ve shared my experience working in a small…

Walking away from a dental practice

5 Tips to Quit a Dental Practice with Grace

By David Rice | June 7, 2022

There are times and places when we need to move on from a dental practice because it’s the healthy thing to do. Here’s how to do that … with grace.

gpr program

Advice for Applying to a GPR / AEGD Program

By Savanah Craig | May 31, 2022

By: Savannah Craig A dental residency program can provide valuable in-the-field experience for recent dental school graduates. Applying for residency programs is similar to applying to dental school in many ways. But first, you’ll need to choose which kind of residency to pursue. Most residences fall into two broad categories: GPR and AEGD. What’s the…

summer before dental school

What To Do the Summer Before Dental School

By Savanah Craig | May 27, 2022

By: Savannah Craig Congratulations on your acceptance to dental school! What an incredible accomplishment! You’ve put in the time and effort, and finally, it has paid off with an offer letter from a dental school. You have probably spent the last several years working jobs, volunteering, and gaining new skills to make your dental school…

imposter syndrome as a dental student

Imposter Syndrome as a Dental Student

By Savanah Craig | May 26, 2022

By: Savanah Craig Imposter syndrome is an experience of believing you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. Imposter syndrome is common in high-achievers, and dental students are no exception. I believe that the hyper-competitive nature of dental school acceptance makes us, as students, even more likely to experience imposter syndrome. Imposter…

before starting dental school

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Dental School

By Savanah Craig | May 17, 2022

By: Savanah Craig Before “Day in the Life” Instagram posts, there wasn’t a lot of information about what being in Dental School was like. I had spent many hours shadowing dentists for my application, but none of them ever talked about their four years of school. I felt confident that I could become a great…