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We help Dental Students navigate dental school. We unite and connect New Dentists to get their practices up and running. From launch to landing, we’re with you all the way.

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Fueling passion beyond the classroom for future dental practice success.

A free continuing education community for dental students and young dental professionals. Providing live local events, online webinars, extensive online educational resources from student and professional authors and so much more. igniteDDS helps thousands of students and dentists across the USA continue their education daily. Click below to register. It’s quick, easy and Free!

How can Ignite DDS help me?

Four years of dental school is sound foundation. Unless you’re UOP… they know something the rest of our schools need schooling in. That said, 10 years of content crammed into 4 is one tough job. Our goal… collaborate and build out exactly what you need:
Live and online training in practice management, patient management, debt management, technology and beyond.

A free, open web base community where you can connect with students and dental pros who’ve sat where you’re sitting and are committed to your success. Access and connection to top thought leaders on the practice management and clinical sides of dentistry.
Networking and opportunities with our free jobs board. Live 1 on 1 or group chats with fellow students and dental pros on our killer chat system.

How can I get involved?

If you’re looking to lead, speak, write or just want to earn some extra cash as a dental student or a new grad, we’re always looking for fresh ideas, passion and drive.

What does Ignite DDS cost?

If you’re a dental student, we’ve got your back. Bring your passion to learn and desire to succeed, your cost is otherwise free. igniteDDS is paying your way.
New grads and pre dents, have no fear. We’ve got love for you too. When you’re hanging or learning on, still free. When we come host live or special online events, we promise to be gentle.

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Connecting our community with the right people and partners is a large part of our mission. igniteDDS has multiple sponsorship opportunities available on several levels.
Please contact us to learn more.

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