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Sven Goran Eriksson

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Latest Blog Entries

By Linda Miles
With a weaker economy, many practices are discovering that they must go back to basics and remember what made them successful in the beginning. Many businesses that become successful also become lax in doing those little things that make a big difference. It boils down to making patients feel so special in your practice that they can’t wait to come back for excellent service and refer others to you. Following are 5 fresh ways to reignite your customer service fire. [ read more ]
By Linda Miles
Some of my best friends in the dental speaking and consulting business are those involved in marketing of the dental practice. They have books, tapes, webinars and seminars on how to attract new patients to the practice. In my own seminars on developing a solid practice by enhancing the systems within the practice and developing a winning team of highly accountable employees, I often refer to these marketing geniuses for those dentists needing more new patients. I often warn those same audiences "DON'T PUT THE HORSE BEFORE THE CART". [ read more ]
By Linda Miles
When dentists graduate from dental school they have a clear picture of how their clinical abilities affect their practices in years to come. Aside from how well they perform their clinical duties, there are other factors that determine how successful they will become and how profitable their careers will be. Two of the most important factors that separate the very successful with those who want to be more successful are communication and organization. [ read more ]

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